San Jose Mercury News Market Wise Q&A column: How Do We Speak to the Selling Agent When They Do Not Make Themselves Available?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Q: We submitted an offer on a bank-owned property and yet we can never speak to the selling. During subsequent calls, the receptionist will declare he is available, yet his assistant takes the call and says he is not in. She then insists on taking control of the conversation and discusses any and all matters. How do we get past this individual?


A: You don’t. Keep in mind, the first record producer to finally sign John Lennon after the Beatles disbanded was the only one to deal directly with Lennon’s wife. In your case, there are two gate keepers for the sellers, which¬† is twice the reason to be consistently well-mannered and respectful. Chances are the assistant is unlicensed, which will enhance your complaint should you later decide to pursue it. Sadly, many sellers are unaware that a subordinate is actually representing them, not the agent they hired.

by Pat Kapowich,,
owns Kapowich Real Estate in Cupertino.

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