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Pat’s Market Wise real estate Q&A advice column runs in the Pulitzer Prize Winning San Jose Mercury News on the first, and third Sunday.  Look for it in a Bay Area News Group newspaper near you.

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 Pat's "Market Wise" real estate Q&A advice column runs in the Pulitzer Prize-winning San Jose Mercury News on the first and third Sunday. Look for it in a Bay Area News Group newspaper near you.

Pat’s “Market Wise” real estate Q&A advice column runs in the Pulitzer Prize-winning San Jose Mercury News on the first and third Sunday. Look for it in a Bay Area News Group newspaper near you.

Is Home Flipping Worth it in an Upscale Area? 8-2-2015

Double Dealing and Preemptive Offers 10-4-2015

 Selling More than just a Home at an Open House 6-21-15

Asking Questions to Understand Your Real Estate Transaction 1-4-15

 Selling Off-MLS, Pocket Listings and Whisper Listings 10-26-14

Simultaneous Purchase Offers? To Only Buy One Home? 6-29-14

Is Dual Agency and Selling Off-MLS Acceptable Behavior?

Why Does the Buyer’s Agent Keep Ignoring Deadlines? 3-3-13

If It Looks Like Fraud….1-6-13

Are Home Inspections Worth Their Weight in Gold or Lead? 9-22-12

How Does a Multiple- Offer Event Unfold Behind the Scenes? 6-2-12

What to do When the New Neighbor Claims Fence is Not the Correct Boundary 2-4-12

Why Am I Unpacking with a FOR SALE Sign Still on the Lawn? 1-7-12

When is a Good Time to Change Agents? 1-7-12

What happens when the other buyers start dropping out? 12-4-11

Should Listing Agents list each School associated with the Property? 12-4-11

How Can Sellers Retrieve the Buyer’s Deposit?  11-5-11

Should we Sell to the Neighbors or Put the Home on the Market? 11-5-11

How do we avoid the long wait to buy a Short Sale? 10-1-11

Why do some Buyers/Agents think deadlines are just Recommendations? 7-2-11

Working with a team, or handed off to an “assistant”? 6-4-11

Why No Response Regarding Our Purchase Offer? 6-4-11

Is there a Safe Way to Rent a Home? 5-7-11

Is it Prudent to Tell the Bank we are Buying the House by Assuming a Mortgage? 5-7-11

Why Would a Listing Agent Ignore His Own Offer Deadline? 4-2-11

Do We Have to Provide the Buyers with Our Social Security Numbers? 4-2-11

How Do We Fire Our Listing Agent Who Promised a Successful Short-Sale? 4-2-11

Why Would The Buyer Engage Inspectors If They Agreed In Writing To Buy The House As-Is? 2-5-11

Offer Accepted — Two Full Days after the Expiration of our Offer? 12/4/10

Why Would a Listing Agent Sign for the Seller? 12/4/10

Why Would the Seller Wait to Accept Our Offer? 12/4/10

Why Would Buyers ask for Repairs on an As-Is Sale? 11-6-10

Why Would the Seller Refuse to Issue a Counter-Offer? 10/2/10

How Do We Really Know There Was Really a Second Buyer? 10/2/10

Should the Seller Hand Over the Buyer’s Deposit? 9/4/10

Should the Seller Provide Old Disclosures and Reports? 9/4/10

Should the Listing Agent Sell the House or Her Services? 9/4/10

Why Did the Listing Agent His Own Offer Deadline? 7/7/10

Should Buyers Take Advantage of a “Walk-Through” Before Close of Escrow? 7/7/10

Which One of Our Agents Should Receive a Brokerage Fee? 5/1/10

How We Replace Our Agent? 5/1/10

Should We Sign a Rent-Back Agreement? 4/3/10

Inspection Report Does Not Match Up 3/6/10

Seller’s Negotiating Tactics May be Reason for Buyers’ Retreat 3/6/10

The Seller Switched Out the Washer and Dryer. What Should We Have Done? – Market Wise 2/6/10

Don’t Move Out Until You’re Positive the House is Sold. – Market Wise 2/6/10

Is a Backup Offer Ever a Good Idea? – Market Wise 1/2/10

Did We Leave Money on the Table When We Sold Our Home? – Market Wise 1/2/10

Why Pay a Short Sale Negotiator When We Have Real Estate Agents? – Market Wise 12/05/09

When Can the Seller Start Packing and Shut the Door to the Buyers? – Market Wise 12/05/09

Can a Bank Demand a Distressed Seller Sign a Promissory Note? – Market Wise 11/07/09

Any Compensation for Recycled Inspection Reports? – Market Wise 10/03/09

Permit Cat-and-Mouse with Seller’s Agent Requires Action – 9/5/09

Buyer Steamed at Squeeze Play to get Second Round of Bidding – 8/1/09

Can the Wrong Paint Color Cost Thousands? – 8/1/09

Low Appraisals in a Buyer’s Market Slows Recovery – 7/2/09

What Do We Do When Our Listing Agent Quits Without Notice? – 7/4/09

Can a Warm House be Cooled Down in time for the First Open House? – 6/6/09

Will the Family Pets Kill a Sale? – 6/6/09

Why Can’t Licensee Return Buyer’s Deposit Check? – 5/2/09

Why Does the Amount of a Deposit Matter? – 5/2/09

I Thought This is a Buyers Market, Why aren’t our Offers being Accepted? – 4/4/09

What Can Be Done About the Foreclosure on our Street? – 4/4/09

What Should Buyers do when the Seller hires an Unlicensed Contractor? 3/7/09

Seller Financing Pushed for Sale of Parents’ Home – 3/7/09

How Do I Get My Spouse Out of Our Apartment? – 2/7/09

Dueling with Pitfalls of Dual-Agency – 2/7/09

Are Loss-Mitigators Costing Banks Big Money at the Back End of the Housing Slow Down? – 1/2/09

Will an Exclusive Listing Reduce the Number of Potential Buyers? – 1/2/09

Hire a Real Estate Attorney When Your Seller Suddenly Changes Her Mind – 12/6/08

How Do We Speak to the Selling Agent When They Do Not Make Themselves Available? – 12/6/08

Is it OK to go with the Same Agent to Represent Both the Buyer & Seller? – 11/1/08

We Have Many Friends & Relatives That Are Licensed RE Agents, How do we Choose One to Work With? – 10/4/08

Contract Cancellation Needs Guidance from an Expert – 10/4/08

Who Knows How Many Home Sales are Resting on the Shoulders of this Young Couple on the Bottom Rung of the Ladder? – 8/23/08

Why Would a Loan Officer be Hired as a Seller’s Agent? – 7/18/08

Is it Smart to Let Buyer’s Inspector Check Foundation of AS-IS Property – 7/18/08

Why do I Have to Sign in Just to View a House? – 6/21/08

A Buyer’s Agent Broker the Key Off in the Lock While Showing My House. Who Should Pay for the Locksmith’s Bill? – 6/21/08

It’s Not a Bad Thing to Have a Good Attorney – 5/10/08

Now That We Have to Sell in This Cooler Market, There Must be Techniques to Reduce the Likelihood of Buyers Demanding Repairs and/or Lowball Offers. Any Suggestions? – 5/10/08

We Want to Sell, What Should We Do About Our Messy Neighbors? – 5/10/08

Why is Our Broker Insisting on Pre-Sale Inspections? – 3/1/08

When is the Best Time to Move Up or Down? (Hot Market or Cooler Market?) – 3/1/08

Dealing with Dual Agency Could Mean Double Trouble! – 3/1/08

Pat’s Market Wise Q&A – 2/28/08

Hot Market to Cooler Market (What Happened to Protecting a Client’s Interest?) – 2/9/08

Agent is of Little of No Help (What Happened to Protecting a Buyer’s Interest?) – 2/9/08

These Q&A’s are still true today! The San Jose Mercury News column Virtual Real Estate – Your Interactive Forum (late 90’s)

Buyer Unhappy with Seller Repairs – 9/18/1999